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Ocean Surf Condos

Guests seem to love the Ocean Surf Condos for what they are and what they are not. Not frilly. Not fancy. And not expensive.

But what they are, is close to everything in town and even closer to the beach. From the Jetty and Point Brown in the south to Point Grenville to the north, the north beach areas of the Washington State Coast stretch in an almost uninterrupted band of wide flat beaches. Where seagulls romp, fishing boats pop up offshore, and folks can even drive their cars up and down the hard-packed sand.

And the Ocean Surf property borders the dunes adjacent to the beach. Yes, you can find a path through the dunes to the ocean. And yes, you can walk to events in town. Plus, there is easy parking, and every condo is fully furnished. There are full kitchens, separate bedrooms, nice bathrooms and washer & dryers. Guests park immediately outside their rooms which will be on the first or second floor.

Ocean Shores is the epicenter of beach life here, with wide flat boulevards that run parallel to the beach. From this location, you are a half-mile from the main beach-city intersection, which offers convenient access to shops, dining and of course... the beach!

  • Gas Fireplace
  • Full Kitchen
  • Ocean Front Location
  • Beachfront Area
  • Peekaboo Beach View
  • Propane Barbecue
  • Saltwater Fishing
  • Arcade Games
  • TV, Flat Screen
  • Scooter Rentals
  • Fat Tire Beach Bike Rentals
  • Fire Pit Seasonal
  • Name: Ocean Surf Condos
  • Status: Active
  • Rating:
  • Type: Condominiums
  • 865 Cuddy Court, Ocean Shores, Washington, United States
  • Destination: Ocean Shores
  • Location: Ocean Shores
  • Lat/Lng: 47.0164948, -124.167609
  • Altitude: 20
  • Condos: 16
  • Fax: 888-628-0839
  • Website: OceanSurfCondos.com
  • Email: